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Special Episode with Summer Sage of the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center.

Hear how PEATC is helping build positive and powerful relationship for families, students and teachers and activities planned for 2017.
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Reflections from the Vocational Rehabilitation Journey

Give us a few minutes and we’ll take you on the journey of…

Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities Success Story. Austin McQuade Lands a Job at CDA.

Hear the exciting story of how Austin McQuade obtained his certification…

Drawing Without Hands The Bruce Dellinger Story

Transcript Begin Count Down: 4 3 2 1 This…

Special Episode Hire Ed Conference “Imagine.”

Visit the WWRC Foundation Facebook Page for video of today's podcast…

Looking Ahead to the 2016 Hire Education Conference.

Rick Sizemore here with Anne Hudlow for today’s Special Edition Quickcast Anne:…