Voices from the Career Pathways Podcast Full Production Episode November 2017

Hear consumers, business representatives, expert panelist and top executives reflect on the innovative strategies that are filling the talent pipelines for business and industry.
Recorded live at CSAVR
Recorded live at CSAVR
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Rothrock Reflections

Jim Rothrock has lived with a significant disability for over five decades and now shares his perspectives on disability and work. Hear his top messages to the Vocational Rehabilitation and Business Communities.
Don Driscoll plant manager describing plant projects

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Let’s Discuss 3-D Printing, Manufacturing and International Podcast Day. Hear about Spenser’s Tour of the Plant, Kim’s Cosmetology Career and Courageous Stories of Vocational Rehabilitation on the Horizon.

From a Life of Seclusion to a Career in Manufacturing: The Chris Hall Story

Chris Hall joins us now with the story of the voc rehab pathway out of seclusion to a whole new life of success and a career in modern manufacturing
Rose Hildebrand podcast

Silver Tsunami, the Gateway to Registered Apprenticeships with Special Guest Debby Hopkins

Hear about exciting developments that create opportunities in the workforce.
Odessa Johnson at work

The Story of Odessa Johnson and AmeriCare Plus!

The Perfect Storm of Business Engagement, Vocational Rehabilitation and Health Occupations Jobs. The Story of Odessa Johnson and AmeriCare Plus! A young woman with hearing loss finds her dream job with a company who is excited about hiring individuals with disabilities.
The Girl with the semi colon tattoo a year later

CVS Mock Stores, NCSOCRC and Vision 2020

Hear About the Girl with the Semicolon Tattoo a Year After She Started Working at CVS
Woman Listening Music Media Entertainment Relaxation Concept
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Pam and horse

Special Episode with Summer Sage of the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center.

Hear how PEATC is helping build positive and powerful relationship for families, students and teachers and activities planned for 2017.
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Reflections from the Vocational Rehabilitation Journey

Give us a few minutes and we’ll take you on the journey of…
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Austin McQuade working

Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities Success Story. Austin McQuade Lands a Job at CDA.

Hear the exciting story of how Austin McQuade obtained his certification…
Bruce-Delinger drawing

Drawing Without Hands The Bruce Dellinger Story

Transcript Begin Count Down: 4 3 2 1 This…
Hire-Education-Conference-2016 logo

Special Episode Hire Ed Conference “Imagine.”

Visit the WWRC Foundation Facebook Page for video of today's podcast…
Hire-Education-Conference-2016 logo

Looking Ahead to the 2016 Hire Education Conference.

Rick Sizemore here with Anne Hudlow for today’s Special Edition Quickcast Anne:…
Dewanna Christian

A Big Vision of Hope, The DeWanna Christian Story.

Hear DeWanna Christian's Courageous Story of Vocational Rehabilitation, Surviving Meningitis and Living to Excel as a Rehabilitation Professional.
Rod Early Golfing

The Rod Early Story

Seven Months of Iron Will…From the Hospital Back to My Manufacturing…
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor logo seal

VR Workforce Studio Special Presentation with Scott Dunnel

  Exciting News from the Commission on Rehabilitation…

The Brian Evans Story

The Brian Evans Story of Vocational Rehabilitation and Returning to work following a tragic motorcycle accident." Plus exciting news from the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification with Scott Dunnell.

Girl with the Semicolon Tattoo

Kaylee Rushing is one of the first graduates of a new program…
Joe Ashley photo

A Vision for Disability Employment through the Eyes of a Blind Man

Blind Man with a Vision the Joe Ashley Story.   Special thanks…
Jennifer Britts Featiured image

Fierce Attitude on Four Wheels – The Jennifer Britts Story

Jennifer Britts, the woman with a fierce attitude on four wheels. Champion ATV Racer recovers from a serious accident and now sets a new standard for disability employment in the insurance industry.
wwrc student

2016 WWRC Quarterly Directors Report

WWRC is plowing through the winter of 2016 with our census near 350, and almost all Center programs are running near or at capacity. We appreciate the constant communication with DRS’s new District Managers and Business Development Managers as we continue to refine our Vocational Training programs. Tracy Topolosky, DARS Fishersville, is continuing her special assignment to evolve service to consumers with medical rehabilitation needs. She is continuing to grow the number of counselors WWRC is working with to provide Medical-to-work rehabilitation therapies
WWRC Manufacturing Academy

Finding the Door to the Goldmine through the Manufacturing Academy at WWRC- Episode 12

Transcript of podcast follows Rick Sizemore (Rick) Welcome to…
manufacturing gal

Episode 11- B: Conclusion of Interview with VMA

In this episode we'll conclude our interview with the VMA as well as highlights from the VMA Workforce Symposium Panelist with co-host Vanessa Rastberger
VMA group photo

Episode 11a: Manufacturing Jobs on the Horizon

Manufacturing Jobs on the Horizon. Hear about Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities and Reflections on Workforce Development from VMA Executive Director, Katherine DeRosear.
Conclusion of WWRC Winter Graduation
Angela West

Episode 010: Featuring Angela West, Ginger Shiflet, Andrew Stow and Ann Hudlow

This is episode number ten we are thrilled and delighted that you’ve joined us for this podcast and on today’s show, from our inspiration showcase the one and only Angela West, she’s a professional VR consoler and Miss Wheelchair Virginia 2015-16 showcasing communication excellence in demonstrating assistive technology in a way that will truly inspire you. Also Ginger Shiflet, a speech language pathologist here to discuss assistive technology and how it opens the door to employment for individuals that have difficulty with their speech. Also on today Andrew Stow with news notes and updates from the Virginia Rehabilitation Association and as always Ann Hudlow WWRC Foundation.
graduation ceremony

September 25 Graduation at WWRC

Excerpt follows below.
Andrew Stove

Episode 009: Meet Andrew Stowe, VRA News Notes

We’re bringing you the stories of individuals with disabilities who are in or preparing to be part of the workforce in Virginia. And we’re celebrating not only the champions of business and industry that hire individuals with disabilities, but also the vocational rehabilitation professionals who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to creating hope and a path forward to employment so individuals with disabilities can work and lead more fulfilling lives while building Virginia’s workforce and moving our economy forward.
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Episode 008: Jim Rothrock's Story

Today we check in with the Virginia Department for Aging and…
Director's Report

Episode 007: WWRC Quarterly Directors Report August 27, 2015

Transcript: The Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center’s…
George Dennehy detail

Episode 006: George Dennehy and his rise to stardom as a guitarist and singer

  On today’s show, from our inspiration showcase, some…
Ron Burleson on the farm

Episode 005: Ron Burlson, back on the tractor and out in the field

On today’s show, we’ll meet Ron Burlson and his wife Suzy,…
Karen D. Van Curen, Mike Sever, Mike Thompson

Episode 004: The sweet story of the Hershey Company’s HEROS Program

In this episode you can hear how the Hershey Company is setting…
Mark Wright

Episode two: Inspiration Showcase, Mark Wright

Inspiration Showcase: Guest Mark Wright shares his incredible…
Kamika and Rick

Premier episode full length

This is the premier episode, “Tour of the Studio.” The show starts with a 90 second vocational rehabilitation success story preview. Then Guest Co-Host Kanika Davis, Miss Wheelchair Virginia and Rick Sizemore take you on a tour of the four categories available on this podcast; 1) Inspiration Showcase 2) Business, Industry and Employer Gateway 3) VR Briefing Room and 4) Workforce and Rehabilitation Center Insider. The last half of the show is an engaging and personal interview with Kanika Davis – her positive attitude and winning approach to live will inspire you. The tour is filled with quick introductions to future guests.

Tour of the studio teaser

In our premiere episode, we give a brief look into what we are…
Director's Report