Gyna Bond

ACTI pre-apprenticeship training with special guests Gwyna Bond and Jonathan Bibb

In today's podcast, Gwyna Bond and Jonathan Bibb talk pre-apprenticeship training.
Photo Debby Hopkins SVWDB

Hershey, vocational rehabilitation, pre-apprenticeship training and registered apprenticeships

A career pathway for individuals with disabilities [playlist tracklist="false" images="false" ids="1730"]
Jenny Lorenzo, Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager at Omni Resort

Jobs at Omni Homestead with Jenny Lorenzo

Meet Jenny Lorenzo, Talent Acquisition Manager for the Omni Homestead and hear her perspectives on disability employment
Homestead Omni Resort in Spring Time

The talent pipeline from vocational rehabilitation to the Omni Homestead

Join Jason and Taylor as they discuss their careers at the Omni Homestead and hear how Penni’s mini job fair opened up the doors of opportunity. [playlist ids="1659"]