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Finding the Door to the Goldmine through the Manufacturing Academy at WWRC- Episode 12

Transcript of podcast follows Rick Sizemore (Rick) Welcome to…
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Episode 11- B: Conclusion of Interview with VMA

In this episode we'll conclude our interview with the VMA as well as highlights from the VMA Workforce Symposium Panelist with co-host Vanessa Rastberger
Angela West

Episode 010: Featuring Angela West, Ginger Shiflet, Andrew Stow and Ann Hudlow

This is episode number ten we are thrilled and delighted that you’ve joined us for this podcast and on today’s show, from our inspiration showcase the one and only Angela West, she’s a professional VR consoler and Miss Wheelchair Virginia 2015-16 showcasing communication excellence in demonstrating assistive technology in a way that will truly inspire you. Also Ginger Shiflet, a speech language pathologist here to discuss assistive technology and how it opens the door to employment for individuals that have difficulty with their speech. Also on today Andrew Stow with news notes and updates from the Virginia Rehabilitation Association and as always Ann Hudlow WWRC Foundation.
Andrew Stove

Episode 009: Meet Andrew Stowe, VRA News Notes

We’re bringing you the stories of individuals with disabilities who are in or preparing to be part of the workforce in Virginia. And we’re celebrating not only the champions of business and industry that hire individuals with disabilities, but also the vocational rehabilitation professionals who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to creating hope and a path forward to employment so individuals with disabilities can work and lead more fulfilling lives while building Virginia’s workforce and moving our economy forward.
Karen D. Van Curen, Mike Sever, Mike Thompson

Episode 004: The sweet story of the Hershey Company’s HEROS Program

In this episode you can hear how the Hershey Company is setting…