Episode 005: Ron Burlson, back on the tractor and out in the field

On today’s show, we’ll meet Ron Burlson and his wife Suzy, and hear the amazing story of rehabilitation engineering assistive technology and rehabilitation counseling as we get Ron back on his tractor and on to the challenges of farming in 2015 as a farmer with a disability Read more

Episode 004: The sweet story of the Hershey Company’s HEROS Program

In this episode you can hear how the Hershey Company is setting a new standard of excellence in hiring individuals with disabilities. And our show today is all about how they brought this great program online. Read more

Episode two: Inspiration Showcase, Mark Wright

Inspiration Showcase: Guest Mark Wright shares his incredible life and journey. Joining Mark is occupational therapist Sonja Gosser who was an integral part of his rehabilitation team perspectives on assistive technology that Mark uses.

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Premier episode full length

This is the premier episode, “Tour of the Studio.” The show starts with a 90 second vocational rehabilitation success story preview. Then Guest Co-Host Kanika Davis, Miss Wheelchair Virginia 2014 and Rick Sizemore take you on a tour of the four categories available on this podcast; 1) Inspiration Showcase 2) Business, Industry and Employer Gateway 3) VR Briefing Room and 4) Workforce and Rehabilitation Center Insider. The last half of the show is an engaging and personal interview with Kanika Davis – her positive attitude and winning approach to life will inspire you. The tour is filled with quick introductions to future guests.

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Tour of the studio teaser

In our premiere episode, we give a brief look into what we are all about.