The man who makes classrooms comfortable and Vicki goes to the Miss Wheelchair America Event.

Hear Ira Socol’s phenomenal story of assisted technology and vocational rehabilitation, the National Clearinghouse Update, with Cherie Takemoto, plus Vicki Varner is back, and headed to the National Miss Wheelchair America Program.

Vocational Rehabilitation at the crossroads of disability and poverty, the Shane Padgett story

Jared Lem’s story of vocational rehabilitation and his job at the U.S. Geological Survey

Hear how Wilson Workforce partners with Special Education to help students with disabilities. With updates from the National Rehabilitation Association.

Episode 64 – A Look Ahead to 2019 Introducing Vicki Varner and updates from CSAVR and NRA

Episode 64 – A Look Ahead to 2019 and Let’s Meet Vicki Varner along with updates from CSAVR and NRA

Finding an Edge: How VR, Business, Career Pathways and Apprenticeships help individuals with disabilities find vocational success

Today, we bring you an amazing story about a phenomenal partnership that’s opening up career pathways that help individuals with disabilities train for and go to work in modern manufacturing as skilled and credentialed registered apprentices.