VR can change your life, the Laura Williams story

Plus Commissioner Hayfield and Jim Rockrock discuss VR(100), ADA(30) and VDA(35) Anniversaries.

From humble beginnings to a career through VR as the operations manager with Todd’s BBI

Episode 83 VR’s National Anthem and Judy Heumann on Crip Camp as well as Steve Wooderson’s CSAVR Message on 4-20-20 (For Vision 2020)

Episode 81 My Trucker Band of Brothers and Sisters

Meet Sara Stewart, disabled veteran who went to work as a truck driver through the Career Pathways Advancement Project.

Being Heumann with Judy Heumann, an unrepentant memoir of a disability rights advocate

Plus “Don’t Sweat It” reflections on Ectodermal Dysplasia and Christina’s workforce pathway through vocational rehabilitation to CVS.