VR Workforce Studio, the Tailgate Throwdown and Podcaster Roundup

Tailgate Throwdown

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Rick Sizemore: Rick Sizemore here in the VR Workforce Studio, as we bring you courageous stories of vocational rehabilitation, from those on the journey.

Also, the champions of business and industry that hire individuals with disabilities, and the VR professionals, who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to helping individuals with disabilities go to work.

Anne Hudlow, our executive producer and CEO of the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Foundation, on special assignment, joins us now by Skype.

Anne Hudlow: Hey, Rick, I’m on Skype here in Waynesboro, as we are getting ready for our Tailgate Throwdown, and I’m excited about our first podcast  roundup.

I’ll tell you a little bit more about that in a minute, but we’re working on a couple of courageous stories for VR. You want to talk about that?

Rick Sizemore: Sure. We’re going to bring you the story of Phillip, who now works down at Intercon in Forest, along with Business Development Manager Nate Mahanes, and Intercon’s HR manager, to talk about how Intercon is using the VR pipeline to help meet its workforce needs.

Phillip: For me, personally, Rick, it is an excellent fit for me, because I work with a phenomenal team at Intercon.

Speaker 4: Here is a skill set that they’re learning, and how that matches up to the skill set seen in your workforce for these technical-type jobs.

That’s the great part of it, it’s just … and I know this is a cliché, but I like to say, like a lot of others do, the biggest part of my job is to be a ship’s builder.

Anne Hudlow: Then we have International Podcast Day and Disability Employment Awareness Month on the horizon, with the story of Career Day at WWRC, and we talk to consumers and staff who are involved with [RIOLA  00:01:43], and pre-employment transition services.

Rick Sizemore: Well, Anne, we want to thank you and the Foundation for all you are doing for vocational rehabilitation, and for producing and publishing this podcast. You have a big event coming up. What’s coming up on the horizon?

Anne Hudlow: Well, we do, Rick. We are excited to present our Third Annual Tailgate Throwdown. We are here again at the Basic City Beer Company in Waynesboro, and on August the 25th, from 1:00 to 6:00, we’re going to be bringing you a lot of fun again.

We have another team that’s added this year for the competition. We have the ballyhooed, bally-hokey GMU and VMI Clubs here. They’re going to prepare two dishes each, and the ticketholders are going to come and sample all the food, vote on the team dishes, and determine who the champion will be.

The day is filled with fun. We eat, we vote, we mingle. There’s a cornhole tournament to enter, and there’s a full day of music. We’re welcoming Every Day People, Kid Carter and The Strain this year. We hope that people won’t miss out on all this excitement.

The reason we are here, though, we always keep centered in our minds, is that we’re gathering to support Virginians with disabilities, who are receiving services through WWRC, and how important that is to us. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also, we’re here for a reason, we’re proud doing it.

We want to mention the great team sponsorships that we have this year. We’re thankful to all of our sponsors. Union Bank is our band sponsor this year, Union Bank & Trust, Daikin Applied  is the UVA team sponsor. Innovative Refrigeration Systems is the Virginia Tech sponsor, United Bank is JMU sponsor, and Dominion Energy is the VMI sponsor. So we just appreciate the great support from these businesses, locally, and also, throughout the state.

Rick Sizemore: Well, Anne, we want to thank you and the Foundation for the extraordinary reach that you provide for Wilson Workforce, connecting with business and industry, all across the Commonwealth. You do a great service for us, and the event will also help us bring about the first Podcaster Roundup for the VR Workforce Studios, so stop by our booth, and tell us how you’re involved with the podcast, and pick up a free gift, as long as supplies last.

Anne Hudlow: That’s right, Rick, that’s going to be an exciting addition this year, to that event. We do hope everybody will come out, and say hello, and connect with the format, and I appreciate your kind words, but truly, it is our honor to be serving you all at the center, and the great things that you do, so, as a foundation, we are happy to be here.

We hope that people will join us, on the Web and social media, to learn more about getting involved with the Foundation, and the things that we have going on. We also want to thank all of you for joining us again for another episode of the VR Workforce Studio.

We always want to give special thanks to Rick for making this possible, these partners in podcasting that we really hold so dear. They help us with the day show, and each episode, these Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities, CVS Health, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, Virginia Manufacturers Association, Dominion Energy, the Valley to Virginia Grant, the Hersey Company, and the Community Foundation, all wonderful partners.

Rick Sizemore: Well, Anne out on site in Waynesboro, getting ready for that big tailgate throwdown. Thank you for joining me on Skype, and we’re so excited as we look forward to these future episodes.

Don’t forget to join us on the 15th of every month, for our big inspiration showcase, and until next time, I’m Rick Sizemore.

Anne Hudlow: And I’m Anne Hudlow.

Rick Sizemore: With the courageous stories of vocational rehabilitation.