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Reflections from the Vocational Rehabilitation Journey

Give us a few minutes and we’ll take you on the journey of a lifetime. If you haven’t listened to an episode yet check this out to learn a little more about our podcast.

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Clock ticking sound.

Give us just a few minutes and we’ll take you on the journey of a lifetime. [Drumroll sound]

“It startled me so I went to run, I tripped on one of the strings that was on it, lost my balance, and I fell 25 feet off the loft. Headfirst, and I landed on the concrete and boards.”

A disability can strike like lightening and in the twinkling of an eye (dramatic music again) change your life forever (same dramatic music)

In the United States alone there are over 60 million people with a disability so chances are you know, work with or love someone with a disability.

A disability can alter your life (slower but still slightly dramatic music) even when you are pursuing your most deeply held passions.

“A couple things that day were telling me not to race. Every medical professional who’s seen the video, they ask the same three questions: 1). How am I alive? 2). How did I not end up with a cervical level injury? and 3). How did I not end up with a severe brain injury?”

People with disabilities have proven time and time again to be some of the most resilient, talented and capable people on earth and employers are beginning to recognize the passion, energy and dedication that individuals with disabilities are bringing into the workplace.

“Rod’s been with us for a long period of time; it’s a return on investment that’s the pure and simple business angle of it but beyond that he teaches, he trains, he’s a subject matter expert. So being able to access all that 8-10 hours a day is… is quite frankly in our best interest.”

That’s why we’ve opened up the VR Workforce Studio…. a place where we can all celebrate the courageous stories of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Stories from those on the journey.

(Dramatic music)

“And I broke down, because you know, that was the day that I knew I was going to be up, that I was going to get back up, and get  walking.”

Stories about the champions of business and industry that hire individuals with disabilities.

“Oh! (Dramatic pre-battle/medieval hunting horn) It’s the best company I’ve worked for, Uh, they’re very professional, they’re very nice, it’s like Uh, the company’s like a big family.”

Reflections from the professionals that have dedicated their lives and careers to helping individuals with disabilities go to work.

“Working with the students closely to see them  come in, and think that ‘Oh, I don’t know if I can do this’ and provide support for them to where they’re empowered they are achieving they’re goals.  And just to see their confidence.”

Now you can be part of this exciting podcast revolution – (exciting closing music) welcome to the community of people who want to champion the causes of disability employment .

“…diving down into your own personal hells and then coming out of that hell but with a smile on your face but with  bumps and bruises in the process and you can walk away, smiling and feeling proud of those bruises. “  You know, every time my son drives off to work, I mean I just… I just feel so good about what you nice folks prepared him for.” “Getting people back to life and back to work.”…

These powerful stories, as told by those on the journey are just a click away on your computer, cell phone or mobile device.

“It’s awesome. “I think what you are doing is kind of unique.” “And you know we’re kind of in a period of…of where people can get information from lots of different sources and I’m just trying to make people aware of that. I thank you guys for what you’re doing…”

Join us for a new and exciting episode of VR Workforce podcast every month at VR Workforce Studio Dot Com, or subscribe at Stitcher Radio or in iTunes.   


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